Фарқият байни намунаҳои "Нуқра"

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{{Варақаи нуқра}}
'''Нуқра''' ({{lang-en|silver}}) — [[Элементи химиявӣ|унсури химиявӣ]], [[Рақами атомӣ|рақами атомиаш]] 47 буда бо [[Рамз (химия)|рамзи]] '''Ag''' ишора карда мешавад<ref>{{cite web | url =http://www.ndt-ed.org/EducationResources/HighSchool/Radiography/atomicmassnumber.htm | title =Atomic Number and Mass Numbers | publisher =ndt-ed.org | accessdate =17 February 2013 | archiveurl =https://web.archive.org/web/20140212155836/http://www.ndt-ed.org/EducationResources/HighSchool/Radiography/atomicmassnumber.htm | archivedate =2014-02-12 }}</ref>.
Дар [[Ҷадвали даврӣ|ҷадвали даврии]] ҳозира замон, Нуқра дар [[d-блок|блоки d]] ва дар [[11-ум гурӯҳи элементҳо]] ҷойгир мебошад.<ref>{{cite journal |last1=Fluck |first1=E. |year=1988 |title=New Notations in the Periodic Table |journal=[[Pure and Applied Chemistry|Pure Appl. Chem.]] |volume=60 |pages=431–436 |doi=10.1351/pac198860030431 |url=http://www.iupac.org/publications/pac/1988/pdf/6003x0431.pdf |accessdate=24 March 2012 |issue=3 }}</ref>
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