Баҳси Википедиа:Роҳнамои намуд: Тафовут байни таҳрирҳо

::Қишлоқ and Деҳа are mostly used by Tajiks. As for Русто's search result see the results where only ба, аз, ва and аст can be found in many. --[[Корбар:Ibrahim|Ibrahim]] 06:26, 6 Октябр 2006 (UTC)
:::So, which one is better? Қишлоқ or Деҳа? [[Корбар:Jahongard|Jahongard]] 13:34, 6 Октябр 2006 (UTC)
Adjusted from: [[Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style#National_varieties_of_English]]: - [[Корбар:FrancisTyers|FrancisTyers]] 11:16, 7 Октябр 2006 (UTC)
* Articles should use the same dialect throughout (e.g. no mixing Viloyat and Uston).
* If an article's subject has a strong tie to a specific region/dialect, it should use that dialect (e.g. For articles about Iran, words from Iranian Persian may be used -- Uston not Viloyat).
* Where there is no strong tie to a specific dialect, the dialect of the first significant contributor (not a stub) should be used (e.g. If words will be equally understood, the word first chosen will be used).
* Standardisation is not the be-all-and-end-all. (e.g. If multiple forms are in use, consensus should be had among native -- and fluent -- speakers as to which form to use. This may take time -- but it doesn't really matter).
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