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* The title of the article should be the word or name most known in Tajik (e.g. Nishopur not Neyshabur). If there are several words known, see below:
** Articles should use the same dialect throughout (e.g. no mixing Viloyat and Uston).
** If an article's subject has a strong tie to a specific region/dialect, it should use that dialect (e.g. For articles about Iran, words from Iranian Persian may be used -- Uston not Viloyat).
** Where there is no strong tie to a specific dialect, the dialect of the first significant contributor (not a stub) should be used (e.g. If words will be equally understood, the word first chosen will be used).
* Standardisation is not the be-all-and-end-all. (e.g. If multiple forms are in use, consensus should be had among native -- and fluent -- speakers as to which form to use. This may take time -- but it doesn't really matter -- it doesn't matter if we have some articles at "Ruikhat" and some at "Fehrist", the standard will be worked out eventually when we have more people, and it isn't difficult to do mass page moves).
:I think it's a good proposal. However, for the sake of clarity, I think the first line should be something like this:
The title of the article should be the word or name most common in Tajik texts (including classic and modern literature, governmental publications and webpages, and mass media). For example, for "map", "харита" should be used, not "нақша" ("нақша" should be used as "plan"). If there are several words which are commonly used, then ... [[Корбар:Jahongard|Jahongard]] 20:01, 7 Октябр 2006 (UTC)
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