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== request of translation for [[:en:Mérida; Mérida]], and [[:en:Feria del Sol (Mérida)]] in Tagik and Persian..thank you so much♥--[[Корбар:Lodewijk Vadacchino|Lodewijk Vadacchino]] 08:21، 24 июни 2010 (UTC) ==
Good Evening to you, Greeting from Calabria and from Venezuela, write you, if kindly you could improve the article of Mérida in Tagik and Persian, on the base of the English... and if kindly you could improuve the Feria del Sol, festival typically of this Maravillouse City, that is receiving great international success. In Change I will translate you in Italian, Spanish and other Italian dialects on Wikipedia, an article of your interest, I deal me with biographies, history, some religion and geography, and other gendres. I am sure that we will find us in full accord. In a wait him of one certain answer of yours I thank you in advance of true heart♥♥♥.Thanks So Much♥--[[Корбар:Lodewijk Vadacchino|Lodewijk Vadacchino]] 08:21، 24 июни 2010 (UTC)
: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqdhBKW9kZc this is my personal gift for You]....the most kwown song of Mérida with the Most Merideña Famous In the World...[[:en:Stefania Fernandez|Stefania Fernandez]], Miss Univers 2009♥--[[Корбар:Lodewijk Vadacchino|Lodewijk Vadacchino]] 08:21، 24 июни 2010 (UTC)