Фарқият байни намунаҳои "Баҳси корбар:Ibrahim/Архив 1"

PS. I've also pasted this to Tolib, perhaps we should have some kind of site noticeboard that we can put stuff like this on? - [[User:FrancisTyers|FrancisTyers]] 13:31, 30 Июл 2006 (UTC)
==Font support==
Hi, Ibrohim! Is any systop at the Tajik wikipedia??? --[[Корбар:Untifler|Untifler]] 11:54, 6 Август 2006 (UTC) - [[:en:User:Untifler]]
font.newPage { background-color: brown; color: yellow; }
to [[MediawikiMediaWiki:Monobook.scc]] to make Tajik letters visible to other users of wikipedia.