Фарқият байни намунаҳои "Баҳси корбар:Darafsh"

→‎Template:Cite book broken: бахши ҷадид
(→‎Template:Cite book broken: бахши ҷадид)
Дар руйварақи Википедиа нигаред. Чунки имруз 14.02.2015 ишоратҳояш дар болои варақи эҷоди мақола ба монанди ҳарфҳои ғафс, курсив, сабти номи корбар ва диг. нест (нопадид, ғайб,намоён нест) шудааст. Бо эҳтиром --[[Корбар:Шухрат Саъдиев|Шухрат Саъдиев]]
== [[Template:Cite book]] broken ==
Hi, by chance, I just saw the article [[Маргарита Тетчер]]. I noticed that there are HTML entities visible after each ISBN. Obviously, either the [[Template:Cite book]] is broken or the included Lua [[Module:Citation/CS1]]. I don’t have ''any'' knowledge of Lua stuff, but since you worked in this module … Perhaps you can have a look at it? <br /> During my way to this page, I also found [[Template messages/Sources of articles/Citation quick reference]], created by you. I guess it’s sort of a template documentation, which does not belong to the main namespace ;-) <br /> Last but not least: Many of the books cited in [[Маргарита Тетчер]] seem to be about [[:en:Margaret Thatcher]]. This enWP-article is linked with [[Маргарет Татчер]] in tgWP <small>with another Lua error, btw</small>. Is [[Маргарита Тетчер]] also about Margaret Thatcher (life dates seem to be identical)? Then, the two articles should perhaps be merged? <br /> Regards --[[Корбар:Schniggendiller|Schniggendiller]] ([[Баҳси корбар:Schniggendiller|talk]]) 18:27، 6 январи 2016 (UTC)