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Салом Дирафши Ковиен илтимос мегуфтед чи хел дар забони англисии Сахифаи Равшан Кулоб забони точикии Равшанро пайваст кунам --- [[Каримов Сиёвуш]] ([[talk]]) 20:34; 15 09 15 [[Корбар:Каримов Сиёвуш|Каримов Сиёвуш]] ([[Баҳси корбар:Каримов Сиёвуш|talk]]) 15:35، 15 Сентябр 2015 (UTC)
:{{пб|Каримов Сиёвуш}} салом дӯсти азиз. мутаваҷҷеҳи манзурат нашудам! [[Корбар:درفش کاویانی|<span style="color:Purple; text-shadow:grey 0.1em 0.2em 0.1em;">Дирафши Ковиёнӣ</span>]] ([[Баҳси корбар:درفش کاویانی|Баҳс]]) 03:46، 18 Сентябр 2015 (UTC)
== a courtesy, expand [[Radio Studio 54 Network]] into Persian and Tajik ==
Good morning from Calabria,
I'm writing to say hello and know how you are. Apart from this to ask you a little courtesy. Some time ago I did create in Persian and I created in Tajik going to guess that the article about a radio station in my area, well known throughout the Mediterranean thanks to its powerful web streaming, this in turn heard from workers around the Calabrian world. I was wondering if you could do me the courtesy to expand in Persian and Tajik, of course if you are busy take the time to expand and make an article as it should. I'd be honored, indeed very honored to write articles for you in Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese and other Romance languages in my knowledge, on any topic you want. Of course a certain your answer thank you in advance from the heart for the help that you give me. thanks a lot.--[[Корбар:Luigi Salvatore Vadacchino|Luigi Salvatore Vadacchino]] ([[Баҳси корбар:Luigi Salvatore Vadacchino|talk]]) 05:33، 27 Сентябр 2015 (UTC)