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About this templateВироиш

Template:Citation/identifier is a helper template to Wikipedia's citation system. This template ties in with other templates like Template:Citation/core. Specifically, it helps render how identifiers like ASIN, ISBN, and JSTOR are rendered in references, producing a consistent look throughout the encyclopedia.

Stand-alone templatesВироиш

Most of the fields have stand-alone templates for other uses. ISBN, PMID and RFC are directly supported by the MediaWiki software.


Each identifier is invoked by use of |identifier= to define the type and one or more input parameters:

Identifier |identifier= |input1= |input2= |input3= error check Stand-alone
arXiv arxiv value none {{Arxiv}}
ASIN asin value top-level domain; defaults to com; do not include leading dot; valid values: co.jp, co.uk, ca, cn, fr, de, it or es none {{ASIN}}
Bibcode bibcode value none {{Bibcode}}
doi doi value date the DOI is broken if true, then error category is suppressed ensure doi begins with 10. if not an error shows and the page is placed in Гурӯҳ:Pages with DOI errors {{doi}}
ISBN isbn value none Magic link
ISSN issn value none {{ISSN}}
JFM jfm value none {{JFM}}
JSTOR jstor value none {{JSTOR}}
LCCN lccn value none {{LCCN}}
MR mr value none {{MathSciNet}}
OCLC oclc value none {{OCLC}}
OL ol value none {{OL}}
OSTI osti value none {{OSTI}}
PMC pmc value none {{PMC}}
PMID pmid value none Magic link or {{PMID}}
RFC rfc value none Magic link
SSRN ssrn value none {{SSRN}}
Zbl zbl value none {{Zbl}}


  • Changes should be synchronized between this template and the stand-alone templates.
  • {{cite journal}} uses PMC in the url parameter; this needs to be synchronized.