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An Infobox Hollywood cartoon may be used to summarize information about an American-produced theatrical animated short film. It was created for use by Wikipedia:WikiProject American animation.

 Note: Please do not make major changes to the infobox, such as the addition of new fields (e.g. MPAA ratings), without proposing and discussing it on the talk page first. Thank you.


{{Infobox Hollywood cartoon
| name              = 
| series            = 
| image             = 
| image_size        = 
| alt               = 
| caption           = 
| director          = 
| producer          = 
| story_artist      = 
| narrator          = 
| voice_actor       = 
| musician          = 
| animator          = 
| layout_artist     = 
| background_artist = 
| studio            = 
| distributor       = 
| release_date      = 
| color_process     = 
| runtime           = 
| country           = 
| language          = 
| preceded_by       = 
| followed_by       = 


The official title of the film, as spelled onscreen or in official production documents.
The short film series to which the short belongs. For blanket series such as Looney Tunes and Terrytoons, notate the starring character(s) of the short alongside the series title, for example Terrytoons (Mighty Mouse) series instead of just Terrytoons series.
image, image_size, alt, caption
All you need for the image code is the name of the image file without the "File:" at the front. The size of each image is automatically set to "frameless" (see Wikipedia:Picture tutorial#Thumbnail sizes) unless another width is specified. The image for the infobox should be a poster, the main title card (if it has artwork depicting the characters), or a clear screenshot of the characters. The caption should identify the characters depicted, and explain where the image came from.
director, producer, story_artist, narrator, voice actor, musician, animator, layout_artist, background_artist
Credits should identify the persons credited onscreen, as well as others who were not credited. Cast and crew should ideally be credited as they were in the original onscreen titles (for example, Charles M. Jones instead of Chuck Jones for most of his films). Voice actors and musicians are optional fields.
The animation studio/company who made the film, if it is not the same as the distributor. For example, all "Warner Bros." cartoons released before 1944 were produced by Leon Schlesinger Productions. This field is optional.
The company who released the film.
release date
The release date for each country, followed by the country name in parenthesis: February 15, 1991 (USA)
Type of film stock used to make the film. For most cartoons, this should be filled only with one of the following choices: black and white, Sepia tone, Technicolor, Technicolor (two-color), Cinecolor, Polacolor, or Metrocolor. For more modern (post-1970) cartoons, "Color" will suffice.
The running time of the cartoon, rounded to the nearest minute, for example "7 minutes".
The country of the film's origin.
The language spoken in the film. If it is a silent film, type "Silent". If the language is English it does not need to be linked, because readers of the English Wikipedia are already familiar with the language and no benefit is added by placing a link to it.
If the film is part of a series, insert the film that preceded it in the series.
If the film is part of a series, insert the film that followed it in the series.


{{Infobox Hollywood cartoon
| name              = Duck Amuck
| series            = [[Looney Tunes]] ([[Daffy Duck]])
| image             = Example.png
| caption           = The title card of ''Duck Amuck''
| director          = [[Chuck Jones]]
| producer          = [[Eddie Selzer]]
| story_artist      = [[Michael Maltese]]
| voice_actor       = [[Mel Blanc]]
| musician          = [[Carl Stalling]]
| animator          = {{plainlist|
*[[Ben Washam]]
*[[Ken Harris]]
*Lloyd Vaughan
| layout_artist     = [[Maurice Noble]]
| background_artist = Philip DeGuard
| studio            = [[Warner Bros. Cartoons]]
| distributor       = {{plainlist|
*[[Warner Bros. Pictures]]
*[[The Vitaphone Corporation]]
| release_date      = February 28, 1953 (USA)
| color_process     = [[Technicolor]]
| runtime           = 7 minutes
| language          = English


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