Хуш омадед ба Википедиаи Тоҷикӣ, Gato Preto!

Бо эҳтиром,--AryanSogd (t) 11:38، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)

Creating articlesВироиш

Please create according to this article (example) and do not forget to provide sources of. It is better to do it with the help of a bot. Thank you.--AryanSogd (t) 12:21، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)

AryanSogd Ok I'll do that, the only problem is that I don't know how to add references because I don't know which is the template used here to references, in ptwiki we put: {{listaref}} or {{referências}}. I'm sorry if I did something wrong. Best wishes, Gato Preto (talk) 12:24، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)
I don't know how to manage a bot, how can I request any bot for this job? Gato Preto (talk) 12:28، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)
example. Text is also corrected. Thank you for understanding.--AryanSogd (t) 12:37، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)
AryanSogd Don't be worried about references, I always put them (if you see my ptwiki account). Do you know about any translator English-Tajik and Tajik-English? A translator it's very important for me. Gato Preto (talk) 12:43، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)
Google translator. Only he did not correctly translate. If you add another short sentence in geography, For example - "Goish is located in the northern part of Portugal" will suffice. To create a statue of a man, 3 short sentences for stub enough. Thank you--AryanSogd (t) 12:58، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)
AryanSogd So I will use google translator to little texts to form an article. Thank you! Gato Preto (talk) 13:02، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)
AryanSogd Just one more thing, see my user page on this wiki, is good if someone wants ask me something? Gato Preto (talk) 13:06، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)
It is better to use the Latin alphabet, because it is possible in the Google translate. So nothing is clear. Thank you!--AryanSogd (t) 13:13، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)

AryanSogd Não sei se idealmente, mas bonito ficou!!! ;) Gato Preto (talk) 13:47، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)

AryanSogd Tajik project has Wikibooks? I can create a guide to learn portuguese based on enwikibooks (the link is in my UP). Gato Preto (talk) 13:58، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)

I was not interested, but I think that as long as there is no Tajik Wikibooks.--AryanSogd (t) 14:27، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)
AryanSogd No problem, if someone is interested I can create a subuserpage to it. Gato Preto (talk) 14:28، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)
It would be nice.--AryanSogd (t) 14:31، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)
AryanSogd See this please. Gato Preto (talk) 14:49، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)
translated--AryanSogd (t) 15:13، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)
AryanSogd The manual to explain portuguese is getting very good, I writed more if you see; we're doing a good job! Gato Preto (talk) 18:59، 21 Апрел 2016 (UTC)

Later. I'm working on the translation rules.--AryanSogd (t) 11:17، 23 Апрел 2016 (UTC)

AryanSogd No problem! Gato Preto (talk) 11:21، 23 Апрел 2016 (UTC)


Good afternoon. Please participate in the discussion and express your opinion. Thank you!,--AryanSogd (t) 11:21، 2 май 2016 (UTC)

AryanSogd The proposal has been aproved? Cheers, Gato Preto (talk) 10:46، 12 Октябр 2016 (UTC)