Хуш омадедВироиш

Хуш омадед ба Википедиаи Тоҷикӣ, M7!

Bot requestВироиш

Hi Корбар:M7, As you might be observing for the past of several weeks only short articles/empty articles about years and categories are being created on this wiki here. I would appreciate if you can get back to me if you can assist us in finding an appropriate bot which could do simple tasks as creating categories and updating old template items. Thanks --ibrahim (talk) 16:10، 23 январи 2014 (UTC)

Hey M7, I am writing to review my evaluation and support of the candidate which was recently appointed as an admin on this Wikipedia. Please review all the contribution of him and take appropriate measures. I am seeing no cooperative contribution of him and would like to withdraw my support and evaluation which I provided to last December. Look forward to seeing your comment and suggestions. Thanks --ibrahim (talk) 09:59، 30 январи 2014 (UTC)


Hi M7, take a minute or two to pay attention to the talk pages and discussions where I am CCing to you. Thanks