{{Infobox flash series
| name            = 
| image           = 
| caption         = 
| image2          = 
| caption2        = 
| style           = 
| genre           = 
| language        = 
| content_license = 
| owner           = 
| creator         = 
| writer          = 
| animator        = 
| voice-actor     = 
| launchdate      = <!-YYYY|MM|DD|df=yes/no}->
| alexa           = 
| url             = <!--{{URL|www.example.com}} -->



Do not link to an article more than once in the infobox. All parameters are optional. See also WP:WEB.

Parameter Explanation
name The website's most recognised name.
image Usually the website's logo.
caption Caption for the first image (usually not necessary if the first image is a logo)
image2 A second image for extra use (example: a video screenshot)
caption2 Caption for the second image
style Design style of the series (somewhat interchangeable with genre)
genre Genre of the series (somewhat interchangeable with style)
language The language(s) the website is available in
content_license The license of the content of the site.
owner The current owner of the Flash series/website
creator The original creator(s) of the series
writer Writer(s) of the series
animator Animator(s) of the series
voice-actor Major voice actor(s) for the series
launchdate When the website was launched, consider using the WHOIS data as a last resort if you are unable to determine the launch date.
alexa The website's current Alexa ranking (find on Alexa.com; make sure to cite Alexa's page for this info.)
  • Put {{Increase}} (Increase) OR {{Steady}} (Steady) OR {{Decrease}} (Decrease) BEFORE the ranking number to indicate the change of ranking compared with the previous month.
  • Mention the date of putting the ranking number AFTER the ranking number. Put the date in parenthesis, for example: (July 2012). If you update the ranking number, update the date as well.
  • At User talk:Riley Huntley/AlexaBot.js you can request that a bot will monthly update the rank.
url The most used URL of the website, use Alexa to find the most used URL, e.g. http://www.wikipedia.org/
{{Infobox flash series
| name            = Example
| image           = [[File:Nuvola apps kopete.png|200px]]
| caption         = Logo of ''Example''
| image2          = 
| caption2        = 
| style           = Informational
| genre           = [[Humor]]
| language        = 
| content_license = [[GNU Free Documentation License]]
| owner           = Company
| creator         = John Doe<br />Jane Doe
| writer          = John Doe<br />Jane Doe
| animator        = Bob Jones
| voice-actor     = Jane Doe<br />Bob Jones
| launchdate      = {{start date and age|2012|12|21}}
| alexa           = 314,159
| url             = {{URL|http://example.com}}