This template is specifically designed for articles about the types of bridges. For general bridge articles, please use {{Infobox bridge}}.


Copy a blank version to use. All fields must be lower case, and all are optional except for type_name.

Vertical list Requirements
{{Infobox bridge type
 | type_name        = 
 | image            = 
 | image_title      = 
 | ancestor_names   = 
 | sibling_names    = 
 | descendant_names = 
 | carries          = 
 | span_range       = 
 | material         = 
 | movable          = 
 | design           = 
 | falsework        = 

Verbiage and example

{{Infobox bridge type
 | type_name        = Bridge type
 | image            = Example.png
 | image_title      = Example image
 | ancestor_names   = Old type, Older type
 | sibling_names    = Modern type
 | descendant_names = Newer type, Newest type
 | carries          = Wikipedians, hover cars
 | span_range       = Short
 | material         = Wood, straw
 | movable          = No
 | design           = Extremely high
 | falsework        = No

Description of fields

Field names with asterisks (*) are required fields.

type_name *
Name of the bridge type.
Example image of the type. Use the name of the image by itself without any formatting, such as "Image_name.jpg".
Caption text for the image being used.
Older bridge types on which this type is based.
Bridge types which are similar in form and function.
Newer bridge types which evolved from this type.
The thing(s) which this bridge type is designed to carry.
e.g. Pedestrian, Equestrian, Livestock, Automobile, Truck, Light Rail, Heavy Rail, Other
Typical length of the bridge type
e.g. Short, Medium, Long, Short to Medium, etc (Short <50 m, Medium 50-150 m, Long >150 m)
Typical material used in construction of the bridge type
e.g. Wood, Stone, Concrete, Post-Stressed Concrete, Iron, Steel, etc
Ability of the bridge type, or sections of the bridge type, to move.
Either Yes, Sometimes, or No.
Typical height of the bridge type.
Either Low (beam, truss), Medium (suspension, cantilever), High (cantilever, spar, cable-stayed).
Describes whether temporary structures (Falseworks) are needed to support sections of the bridge type while under construction.
Either Yes, No, or Site dependent.

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