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I archived your page as you asked, hopefully now you know how to do it yourself, and next time you can :) - FrancisTyers 10:58, 13 Август 2006 (UTC)

Hey man! Thanks for the welcome back :) I'm actually at home at the moment (not in Norwich), and don't have access to my Yahoo account -- I forgot my password. Do you have ICQ or MSN? I will email you my details for both of these. - FrancisTyers 13:43, 24 Август 2006 (UTC)

Аврупо ё Урупо?Вироиш

Caлом Иброҳимҷон,

Mан дар BBC дӣдам ка Europe ро урупо мӣневӣсанд. Кудом дуруст acт? Jahongard 18:20, 25 Август 2006 (UTC)

Дар Google, Урупо 7 баробари Аврупо ҳаст (10500) [1]. Jahongard 20:31, 26 Август 2006 (UTC)

Some questionsВироиш

Hey man, just a couple of questions before we talk tommorow (in case I don't have time). I think that we should use "Вилоят" for "Province", as this is the one with the most Google hits. The variant "Устон" seems to be only used on BBC, and they do not have the correct spellings of many Tajik words. Do you agree?

Sorry to interrupt. About Устон and Вилоят, I agree that Вилоят should be used instead of province (because that's the word which is used in Tajikistan). I used Устон only for Iran and for other countries I will use Вилоят. A similar approach is applied in the Persian wikipedia i.e for all the countries except Tajikistan and Afghanistan, "استان ostaan" is used as the equivalent of "province", but for Afghanistan and Tajikistan, "ولایت velaayat" is used. Jahongard 23:23, 27 Август 2006 (UTC)
This seems like a very reasonable compromise, at least until any concrete Naming conventions are formed :) - FrancisTyers 23:30, 27 Август 2006 (UTC)

The second question is about Requests for Adminship. As you know our temporary adminship will be coming up for renewal soon. We should have some system in place for voting for new admins. I will happily nominate and vote for you, but we will need a page creating, something like "en:Wikipedia:Requests for Adminship". If you have some time, could you translate "Requests for Adminship" (or "Candidates for Adminship" -- something like that), so we can start a page?

- FrancisTyers 23:01, 27 Август 2006 (UTC)

I asked the site administrators to change the "Project" namespace from "Wikipedia" to "Википедиа", they did it (which is good), but when they did it, it messed up the adminship page that you created, Википедиа:Дархостҳои мудир шудан. I don't think it is possible to get it back, would you be able to translate again? Sorry for the inconvienience! - FrancisTyers 13:56, 29 Август 2006 (UTC)

I will submit translation tomorrow. It is Ok. The main thing is now we have more than 1000 articles ;) --Ibrahim 14:11, 29 Август 2006 (UTC)

Thats fine :) And yes, its pretty good. We will have to work very hard if we want 6,000 articles by September 9th. I'm not sure it can be done! We would need to write 454 articles per day! I think with ten people working on it, it would be possible, but with 2, I'm not so sure... - FrancisTyers 14:15, 29 Август 2006 (UTC)


салом Иброҳӣмҷон,

негааҳи бе сафҳайи эрон биандоз бебин унвони бахшҳо хуб аст ё на. ман баройи бахи вилоятҳо, немэдонам кудом унвон беҳтар аст: "бахшбандӣ кешварӣ", "тақсӣмоти кешварӣ", ё "велоятҳо". Jahongard 23:33, 27 Август 2006 (UTC)

он унвони "бахбандӣ кишварӣ" хуб аст яа авазаш кунам? Jahongard 07:47, 28 Август 2006 (UTC)

Забони уелсӣВироиш

Is this the correct name in Tajik for the en:Welsh language. I couldn't find a translation, in Uzbek it is "valcha / валча", in Persian it is "ولزی (velzī)" which would be "велзӣ". Just let me know which one is best, or move the page yourself :) - FrancisTyers 12:29, 29 Август 2006 (UTC)


Excluding those, there are 1,005 pages that are probably legitimate content pages.!!!!!! :)))) Congratulations! :) - FrancisTyers 13:50, 29 Август 2006 (UTC)


Which word is better for "References"? "Манбаъҳо" or "Марҷаъҳо" or "Санадҳо"? Jahongard 23:10, 29 Август 2006 (UTC)

We are using "Адабиёт" for "References". PS. If you are making up new things, please add them to Корбар:FrancisTyers/Manual of style. - FrancisTyers 23:17, 29 Август 2006 (UTC)

Сарчашмаҳо - is also Ok ;)

So, should we use Сарчашмаҳо? What is used in the academic books in Tajikistan? Jahongard 07:18, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)

Адабиёт\ҳо - in encyclopedias. --Ibrahim 07:22, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)

So, what word do you use for "literature"? We use Адабиёт as "literature" in Iran. Jahongard 07:26, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)

News websitesВироиш

Among the news websites, which one is using better spelling? BBC or Ozodi? Jahongard 07:26, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)

Ozodi.org is using better spelling. There is also Khovar Tajikistan News Agency http://khovar.tj/tj/index.php --Ibrahim 07:28, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)


Hey man, could you do a brief check of the articles for provinces I made for Руминия. Basically I think the Tajik is ok, but I'm not sure about the spelling of the Romanian names. I don't think they have an official spelling, so I did my best to spell phonetically, but I might not be right. Can you tell me if they look reasonable. Next, I will do the same thing for Ireland (Ҷумҳӯрии Ирландия), but it will be much harder as Irish has many sounds that are not found in Tajik (e.g. /ð/ (th).) Any direction would be appreciated :) - FrancisTyers 09:41, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)


Isn't "Мудӣр" a good translation for "Administrator"? Jahongard 11:53, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)

Salom Jahongard,

As you may see I have submitted both Farsi Darkhost mudir shudan in cyrrilic and aslo darkhosti administrator shudan. Administrator is ok for now, as in Tajikistan this word is more used by people than mudir. Later we will change it to Mudir.

--Ibrahim 11:58, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)

I looked at Дархостҳои администратор шудан. It seems that the minimum standards are too high (e.g. 4 month activity in Tajiki Wikipedia and at least 500 edits). Have you translated it from Russion Wikipedia? In English Wikipedia [2], the rules are not so tough. Jahongard 12:27, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)

Because people haven't been editing long, we should probably decrease the amount of time needed, e.g. to 1 month, or 2 months. We should keep the amount of edits, and I would say 470 main page edits, and 30 talk page edits. If someone is an admin they should know how to communicate with other users :) - FrancisTyers 12:55, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)

yes, I have translated it from Russian Wikipedia. I would appreciate yours and Fran's comments and edits.

Hey man, good work on the Administrator page. Could you fix my nomination of you, as I'm not sure how it works! Btw, it is highly unlikely that anyone gets adminship on the English Wikipedia without ~3,000 edits. I will give a link for where you can find your edit count in a second. - FrancisTyers 12:45, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)

"If you intend to nominate yourself, please take note that while there is no hard and fast requirement for nominating, editors with less than three to six months experience and 1,000–2,000 edits very rarely succeed in becoming admins."

Here: count edits - FrancisTyers 12:46, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)
My main concern is the "4-month activity" requirement. Who has been in Tajiki Wikipedia for more than 4 months? With this requirement we should wait until November to candidate Ibrahim. I think it's better to have flexible written rules. When the number of editors and their expreriene increases, they implicitly increase their expectations. English Wikipedia is a good example for that. Jahongard 13:26, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)
I agree. It would be foolish to have to wait until November to nominate Ibrahim, as I said above, we should lower this requirement to a month or so of good activity. - FrancisTyers 13:28, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)
I think that 500-edits reqirement is enough. Personally, I prefer the rules to be like those in English Wikipedia. It should be up to the users to judge about the candidate's experience (they consider it in their votes). Jahongard 13:40, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)
Makes sense I suppose, anyone who has 500 edits has probably been around for that amount of time anyway. - FrancisTyers 13:45, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)
I have changed the requirments to 2 month and 200 edits. Is it Okay? --Ibrahim 13:52, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)
Better to keep the number of edits high, and decrease the amount of time, because you have only been here since "2006/07/04 12:29:27", so for just under 2 months. - FrancisTyers 13:56, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)

Click "Навиштан" button I have edited it and found that link where one can find out users edits and contributions. Just click and see instructions there ;) --Ibrahim 12:48, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)

I did click the button, but it seems strange, where do I put my support/oppose votes? - FrancisTyers 12:51, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)

Cool, I made a couple of edits. Does it still look ok? How long do admin requests run for then? 1 week or less? - FrancisTyers 13:16, 30 Август 2006 (UTC)


Hey man, can you say to me and User:Jahongard if the word for "State" is 'иёлат' or 'иёлот'. We have discussion on User talk:FrancisTyers and User talk:Jahongard. - FrancisTyers 18:08, 2 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

PS. See here. It gives our progress (in red), and our target (in green). - FrancisTyers 00:38, 3 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)
Another question: Can you look at Виетнам and tell me if the province names are acceptably transliterated. I can then make these articles. - FrancisTyers 01:24, 3 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)
Another question: Can you look at Ҷамшед Усмонов and tell me if this is ok. I looked up the word for "film director" in Persian and transliterated like this. You may have a different word in Tajik though. - FrancisTyers 12:31, 3 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)


кудом дуруст ост: Кобе, Кова, Кобь, ё Коба? Kaveh 18:54, 2 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Кова is correct. Коваи Оҳангар :) --Ibrahim 05:06, 4 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)


Which word do you use for "sea"? "дарё" or something else? Jahongard 10:27, 4 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

we use дарё --Ibrahim 11:13, 4 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

"дарё" and "рӯд"Вироиш

It seems that рӯд is also used in Tajikistan [3]. I think it would be better if we use two different words for river and sea (to avoid the ambiguity). What do you think? Jahongard 15:59, 5 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Do you use yahoo messenger? My yahoo ID is jahongard. Jahongard 15:59, 5 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Sorry that I could not write properly, these days I am getting busy with my teaching both at school and Internet Learning Center.

River - дарё, sea - баҳр --Ibrahim 08:01, 6 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

бозегар ё ҳунарпешиаВироиш

Which word is better for "actor" and "actress"? "бозегар" ё "ҳунарпеша". Jahongard 19:41, 7 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)


I saw that кутти is used as "infobox". I haven't heard this word and I couldn't find any Tajiki page containing that [4]. Jahongard 21:30, 7 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

How is " Шиноснома" for "Infobox"? Jahongard 23:28, 7 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Ҳунарпеша--Ibrahim 07:51, 8 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)


Looks like you got enough votes :) I requested that they give you permanent adminship here: meta:Requests_for_permissions#tg.wikipedia. Well done :) - FrancisTyers 00:12, 8 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Also, I made a page, Корбар:Ibrahim/Currency with a list of information about currency in a comma separated format. If you can fill in the tajik translation I can make these articles with Bishbot. See template {{Асъори кутти}} and tell me if I should include some other things. Recently I have been having trouble with my internet connection, but it seems to be working fine again now. I need to get working on articles :) - FrancisTyers 01:17, 8 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Ibrahim -- you have been confirmed as your community's first permanent administrator. Congratulations and best of luck with the project. Regards — Dan | talk 21:34, 8 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Dorud ,, ДӯруД,,, درودВироиш

سلام . من یک کاربر ایرانیم . خواهشمندم در چگونگی تایپ تاجیک و به کاربردن صفحه‌کلید تاجیک مرا یاری کنید. همچنین در خواندن دست‌نوشته‌های سیریلیک کند هستم. کاش می‌شد روشی به‌کار گرفت که بتوان دست‌نوشته‌های اصیل فارسی را به سادگی به سیریلیک و بالعکس تبدیل کرد. می‌توانید صفحه‌ی کاربری من را در این‌جا و ویکی فارسی ببینید. صفحه‌ی فارسی من سپاسگزار.

پنداشتی که ریشهٔ پیوند من گسست/ درسینه‌ام هزار خراسان نهفته‌است.

Man yek karbar e Irani Hastam. agar mishavad mara dar type kardane tajik o chegunegiye be kar giriye safhekelide tajik yari resaanid. Hamchenin dar khandan e khate Cyrilic kond hastam. kash mishod raveshi yaaft ta khate cyrilic e inja ra be dastkhate asile Farsi bargardand va belax.Baa sepase faravan. |safheye farsiye man

Pendashti ke risheye Peyvande man gosast/dar sineham hezar Khorasan nahofte ast. --Soroush 11:47, 9 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)


ba sepas e faravan. Cheshm be rahe virayeshhaye man dar ayandeyee na chandan dur bashid.Vali dust daram ke ravesh dashtan safheKelide tajik ra niz bedanam. Hamchenin mikhastam ba midiran e wikipediaye tajik niz ashna shavam.Va sokhane Akhar: Shoma Dastkhate Farsi Baladid? Sepasgozar. --Soroush 11:58, 9 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

English is so nice ,however Farsi is an excellent unique language can't be replaced with any language else. I congratulate you your Adminship. Now I'm thinking for a way to exchange diferent Persian Handwritings. I didn't know about tajik wiki since a few hours ago, I was browsing in Wikipedia. I hope ,I'll Manage to make such robot. --Soroush 12:06, 9 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)


English is so nice ,however Farsi is an excellent unique language can't be replaced with any language else. I congratulate you your Adminship. Now I'm thinking for a way to exchange diferent Persian Handwritings. I didn't know about tajik wiki since a few hours ago, I was browsing in Wikipedia. I hope ,I'll Manage to make such robot. --Soroush 12:06, 9 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Yahoo IdВироиш

Have you got a Yahoo ID that we can chat. However I can talk to you in English but I can't edit tajik wiki in English. So It's essential to have a common Persian handwriting for ease. Latin handwriting is suitable for me than cyrilic. I make an Article now with latin letters. You can transfer it later. It's about My hometown: Neyshabur. --Soroush 12:11, 9 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Hey manВироиш

The internet connection at my house is down :( I am at the moment in en:Aberystwyth staying with my sister. I just came online to say... Happy independence day! :) We didn't beat the Uzbeks yet... but we will do :) Also, congratulations on your adminship! I put the request for your opp'ing at meta, and I see it has been fulfilled :) Hope to speak to you soon, the telephone engineer is coming tues, so hopefully back online then. - FrancisTyers 23:43, 9 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Can you come on Yahoo please? - FrancisTyers 12:40, 10 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)
Hey man, it would help greatly if you could at some point translate en:Template:Infobox language. - FrancisTyers 13:44, 14 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

муш ё мӯшВироиш

Салом Иброҳимҷон,

Ман муш ро дар Google деда будам, аммо гамон кардам ки шояд монанди бештари сафҳаҳо имлояш дақеқ нест (масалан дар бисёри аз сафҳаҳои интернетӣ, тамоми ӯ ва ӣ, у ва и навишта шуда аст). Дар ашъори куҳан, мӯш xонда мешавад (монаннди ҳамон шиъри мӯш у гурба, аз Убаиди Зоконӣ) ва агар баxоҳем муш баxонем, вазни шиър ба ҳам меризад. Бо ин ҳол, агар акнун ҳамаҷо муш менависанд, ман ҳарфе надорам. Jahongard 15:49, 15 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Муш - ҷонвари хурдҷуссаи зараррасон аз ҷинси ҷонварони қозима-хоянда; муши кӯр - кӯрмуш, шабпарак.
"Зи хуршед пинҳон шавад муши кӯр,
Ки ҷаҳл аст бо оҳанинпанҷа зӯр." Саъдӣ

Адабиёт: Фарҳанги забони тоҷикӣ аз 2 ҷилд - Farhangi Zaboni Tojiki, Москва 1969 --Ibrahim 09:23, 17 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

x ва ҳ, к ва қ, ...Вироиш

Бештари корбарони тоҷик дар инҷо ҳ ро x, ва қ ро к менавесанд. Гамон мекунам xатти стандард ро надоранд. Хуб аст ба онҳо нешон даҳед ки нармафзор (software) ро аз куҷо бардоранд. Jahongard 16:05, 15 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Салом Ҷаҳонгард, Дар бале нармафзори тоҷики барои Windows-ро ройгон метавонед аз ҳамин сайт дастрас кунед. http://connect.tj/forum/viewtopic.php?t=64 --Ibrahim 09:15, 17 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Рӯихат ё ФеҳристВироиш

I think Феҳрист should be used for "list" (because it's more common and it's also used in the old books). What do you think about it? Jahongard 19:52, 16 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

I am not against, as both of them are correct and easy to understand --Ibrahim 09:24, 17 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

See: Баҳси Википедиа:Роҳнамои намуд - FrancisTyers 11:02, 17 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)


What do you think about бостоншиносӣ (for archeology)? It seems that it's commonly used in Tajikistan too [5]. Jahongard 13:35, 18 Сентябр 2006 (UTC) yes, бостоншиносӣ is correct--Ibrahim 04:18, 19 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Қорра ё ҚитъаВироиш

Which word is used often for "Continent"? It seems that ozodi.org uses Қорра [6]. Jahongard 13:40, 20 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Copied discussion to Баҳси Википедиа:Роҳнамои намуд. - FrancisTyers 13:51, 20 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Interesting ideaВироиш

At meta they have a list of "1000" articles that every project should have two paragraphs on. While I don't completely agree with the list (It seems very western biased -- e.g. John Wayne!) I think it might be a good start. [7] - FrancisTyers 13:54, 24 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Моеъ ё Мойиъ?Вироиш

Shouldn't it be Мойиъ (liquid)? Jahongard 12:25, 25 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

It is Моеъ, it is interesting to know how you spell plural Моеъ --Ibrahim 12:34, 25 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Reference & BibliographyВироиш

I think it's better to use "Адабиёт" for "Bibliography" and "Сарчашмаҳо" for "References". What do you think? Jahongard 00:53, 27 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Ok I agree :) --Ibrahim 06:53, 27 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)


Ман боз бе Уикипедиайе Тоҷик умадам ҳарчҳанд ке виройеш дар инҷо xейли xейли xейли... саxтеҳ. дар Мақолоти зир бозаҳмати фаровон Виройеш кардам. Омидворам ке Зиёд шӯмо ру бе заҳмат баройе доруст кардане қалатом наяндоxте бошам. Бояд йек барноме баройе роҳаттар кардан е табдиле дастxате Фарси бе Чйрилич беневисам(Омидворам вағт конам).

Сепосгозор. Земнан ду соал доштам.

  1. Оё шӯмо бе ҳамин Фарси(Дари) Мигин Тоҷик ва фарғе бейне Тоҷик ва Дари дар лаҳҷейе шӯмо чҳист?
  2. Виройешҳайи ман баройе шома заҳмат доруст немиконе?(Чҳун ман лаҳҷейе Тоҷики ро xуб балад нистам ва шӯмо ҳам бигӯмон мидунид ке мо дар Эрон ЧҳиҶури ҳарф мизаним.(Ҳар чҳанд ман аҳли Хуросонам ва лаҳҷейе мо бе шӯмо наздиктареҳ вали мо танҳо бо лаҳҷейе Ме\'ёор миневисим ва биштар тақрибан (99% Ҷавунҳа) ба лаҳҷеҳйе Ме\'ёр Сӯxан Миган на лаҳҷейе Мӯҳали.)--سروش--Soroush ☺Guftogu | ☼Viroyeshha 12:44, 28 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)

Салом Суруш!

Раҳмат барои вироишот! Дар вироиш кардани ин мақолаҳо каме мушкили кардам. Хую мешуд агар шумо лаҳчаи тоҷики ва тарзи навишти калимаҳоро дар мақолаҳои вироишшуда газар карда меомӯхтед. --Ibrahim 13:03, 28 Сентябр 2006 (UTC)


Hi Ibrahim! At the English Wikipedia it is quite easy to create portals by following the instructions at en:Wikipedia:Portal/Instructions. Are you sure the Tajik Wikipedia has a Portal feature. The concept of a portal originated in the Polish and German Wikipedias. In early 2005, the portal concept was imported to the English Wikipedia and the first Wikiportals were established. Later that year, a special namespace (Portal:) was created for portals. It is possible that this has not been done for the Tajik Wikipedia. Sadly, I cannot help you with that. 08:53, 30 Сентябр 2006 (UTC) (Peter Maas)

Ibrahim, the bug has been solved and the Portal namespace is set up, see here. - FrancisTyers 16:26, 2 Октябр 2006 (UTC)

Ҷавоне ё ҶавонаВироиш

Shouldn't it be Ҷавона (in Шаблон:Ҷавоне)? Jahongard 16:57, 1 Октябр 2006 (UTC)

I wonder why it is Javona or Javone -(Young) Javon is correct. I think we can make other stub templates based on this one Шаблон:US-geo-stub --Ibrahim 10:22, 2 Октябр 2006 (UTC)

Ҷавон is young. Ҷавона is like "Ҷавонаи дарахт" or "Ҷавонаи Гиёҳ" (a very young branch of a tree or a plant which can grow). I think it's not a bad choice. Jahongard 16:36, 2 Октябр 2006 (UTC)


Please see: Википедиа:Роҳнамои намуд, about Qishloq vs. Deha. - FrancisTyers 15:00, 5 Октябр 2006 (UTC)


We seem to have two articles on the same thing, Шаҳр Файзобод (city of faizobod) and Файзобод (faizobod). If they are the same can you merge them into one article and redirect the other article? - FrancisTyers 13:13, 7 Октябр 2006 (UTC)



барои акс ҳои ки xудитон гирифтаед, ин барчасб ро метавонед гузоред.

Bot flagsВироиш

Hi, could you make it known m:Requests for permissions#Bot_flags_on_tg.wiki if you object or not to giving the specified two bots the "bot" flag. This means that their edits will not appear in the recent changes. - FrancisTyers 15:52, 10 Октябр 2006 (UTC)

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